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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

A little ramble back to dear Gen...

Bless you, Goodreads fans of Megan Whalen Turner!

Because I didn't know there was another story about Eugenides.  A little one.  It is called "Thief!" and hanging on her own website.  Whether or not you've read the Thief series yet, check it out.

Although I'm not a writer of fan fic for this series, other fans do.

SPOILER zone...

Whatever you do, do not read Wikiquotes until after you've read the series.  Some of the quotes are perfect -- Megan's writing is awesome that way -- but they WILL spoil the series for you.

So will TV Tropes, I'm sure; they are detailing tropes, and that inherently involves spoilers.  I included that link because I'm still tickled as blazes that apparently Tropers are major fans too.  Be blessed in your endeavors, my friends.

Also... the Tropers are such fun.  8)

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