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Thursday, January 19, 2017

Ferret syndrome: BAD.

Still having hypomania... as previously reported.

Today I haven't yet eaten, but am not ravenous, a win for me, since the voracious hunger has been waking me up mornings for days now. Over a week, I'd say... possibly up to the last fortnight-plus.

I suspect the meds ramped up my metabolism something fierce.

New meds also inhibited my menses, which came over ten days late. Should've begun circa 4-January.

Extreme stress has made my menses late before, certainly -- but not like this. Also, I am not stressed; hypomania isn't stress, even though these symptoms are upsetting me.

Last week I had pre-menses signs as of Monday and Tuesday [such as swollen ankles] and that probably increased my hypomania somewhat, what with the hormonal rush.  But normally I have a couple days of signs, maybe a week's worth at most, then my menses officially start.

== Continued after I ate brunch [circa 11 am] ==

If you don't know what distracted ferret syndrome is like, xkcd does.

Included from my thoughts earlier:
I still have wayyy too much energy, distraction, etc. Hell, I began a list for Fusion packing, switched to rearranging things to create floor space for the printer, de-linted my nightshirt [bad thing to wear when moving things!]...!
Ferret syndrome: BAD.
Plus side, I'm not waking up earlier and earlier. Nor am I waking ravenous and thus unable to sleep on.

That was written at 10.12 am.  I'd been up since approximately 8.30 am.  :/

So... yeah. Too easily distracted, check. Not getting enough sleep / not able to stay asleep or continue sleeping [til the 8.45 alarm], check.

Motivation and energy still at close-to-manic levels, same as increased activity.

Still prone to interrupting and not letting people talk, check! I have to remind myself to stop and calm down, which is working; in the past 14+ days, that was much harder to do.

Racing thoughts/ideas have lessened. Thank the Great Maker.

Allen feels that I peaked this past Saturday [in hypomania symptoms].

Still obvious to anyone who's known me while manic.  Those who've known me a long time might be able to tell, or might not, depending on the person's observation skills and baseline with me.

He says the symptoms are around, just not as irritating as previously. (Well, they're irritating ME, but then Allen's a very laid-back person.) Symptoms definitely lessening.

Caffeine via energy drink was revving up my motor/energy level -- atypically! -- if I drank half a can at once, and that hasn't affected me anything like that in the past 18+ months previous.

+++ Note that caffeine pills affected me oddly during my final mania [1994] several hours after I took a dose. They kept me up for 12+ hours straight. I never took them again, and certainly large doses of caffeine never did anything like that again...

Except for 6-Jan-2017... when I wasn't paying attention, and drank 1 can of Arizona green tea, hot chai that morning, plus half a can of Rock Star energy drink. That night I had some of Allen's giant Dr. Pepper too. +++

Tuesday I was still having numbness in my fingertips and sometimes the entire finger[s]. That would wake me up anywhere from 1-3x nightly.  I believe intermittent numbness began around 7-January-2017.

The numbness has stopped. Note that I did see my chiropractor on this Tuesday, but my finger was numb again later Tuesday. Not Wednesday, however.

And lastly, the pharmacist informed me of a slight interaction between Tegretol and Vraylar. I think he said that V makes T less effective... which means that would also account for some of the hypomania. Antidepressant that depresses mania combating antidepressant that reduces depression.

So! off to the doctor's in a couple hours. Wish me luck.

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