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Saturday, February 18, 2017

Feline news: mixed.

KayKay was the first customer today. She has more white hairs in her pure black coat. She was cool with being petted -- before her tail mostly -- and arched at me when I petted her. 8)

I tried to not be pushy about petting her, since she seemed to be most interested in being affectionate and petted the last time she was in heat.

Vee arrived after KayKay and kept back til her aunt left. Understandably skittish!

Vee-cat is still in heat. (Sweetpea seems to be done with hers.) Yesterday I saw a lovely Maine coon [almost calico and huge!] waiting politely for Vee to finish drinking before the running began again. Vee has attracted the most tomcats I have never seen before.

Plus Bad Kitty, the black-and-white tomcat whose life changed.

He used to only show up sometimes during the day. Now he's trying to adjust to being an outdoor-only cat.

We suspect BK got tossed out -- that someone got allergies or a divorce. A weekend ago, BK wasn't looking too hot. Apparently he'd tangled with other cats... probably toms who told him off and tried to take his eye. Wednesday his nose was scratched up a lot.

He's fine now, and was on top of Vee yesterday; I threw something at him so he'd stop. (I missed, but then my goal was to startle him.)

I don't mind BK eating after our cats have, but him trying to run 'em off: no. I didn't put up with KayKay doing that, and she was a cat I'd known since her babyhood. BK knows to run when he sees me or Allen. He also knows that "Bad Kitty" means him.

Shadow arrived after Vee and was a trifle put off by Vee being affectionate. Well yeah, Vee is glad her mother isn't chasing her.

No Sweetpea yet. She has been coming by later on, though. I think Sweetie's having a problem fitting comfortably under the shed. That, or perhaps too many of the tomcats this past week followed her there. :(

Considering that Sweetie, Vee, AND Shadow were all underneath the back steps several times this week... That appeared to be the Queen in Exile Hideout. o.O I can see why somewhere a cat can get in and out of easily would be optimal. The steps weren't made for that.

How I wish we could persuade them to use the gorramn cat house we bought! Faugh.

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