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Sunday, February 26, 2017

[This past] Saturday. :)

Yesterday I went to Pentamere Academy of Defense (aka PAoD). It's a local SCA event -- specialized for fencers.

So I got to see my fencing family. 8) I hung out with people I knew and people I didn't. Very cozy.

I learned how to fasten a clasp onto a necklace.  I went to a class about exercises, stretching, and managing pain -- as well as to help you not injure yourself -- taught by two of my dear friends.

In short, it was a good day.

I still want to return to fencing -- I loved fencing so much! Haven't fenced since '08. I plan next to become a marshal in training [MiT] again... We always need marshals.

One friend noted that I was less hypomanic than I'd been the first Saturday of January. Indeed, yes.

Alas, I expect to continue being hypomanic some while longer. Plus side, I'm not having the insomnia that forces you awake; against that, I still have a LOT of energy and motivation, which I'm expending into many activities... Or trying to expend.

A couple days ago, I whipped through Sorcerer to the Crown.  Must review it at some point... briefly: WOW. Go read this book!

Friday I made so many beaded rings that even I was exhausted by them. =rethinks= No, more that the way I kept making them was exhausting. Surreal.

Now I have over a score for the women's shelter. [Saturday I made four more rings at the event, which happily did NOT come home with me. Two just in court.]  I taught a young lady how to make her own ring. Sadly, I accidentally snipped off its knot at least once, so that ring has the signal honor of having been made thrice in one day.

I suppose that's not too horrible, considering that I've made over two score rings in the past seven weeks. Possibly as many as seventy.

Just one repeat problem: The last time I drove to Howell, nearly two months ago, driving strained my right foot.

It's not far from where I live, mind you, but it's no good when driving a bit more than you usually go... hurts you. 8(

Apparently I need to add kicking to my exercise regimen. :b

Or perhaps just karate? I love karate. I took karate when I was in my early teens. And I still love kicking.

Whenever I took karate again, in my twenties, that didn't work out. Probably a sign from the universe, whispering "Go take more judo, or try aikido." :P

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