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Monday, September 18, 2017

Recent kitten news.

We got Smoky fixed on 31-August.

He bounced back quickly [of course, being a male cat] and wanted out out OUT. I'd meant to keep him indoors 48 hours, maybe more... but after a full day of kitten-sitting, loosed him two mornings after his surgery. I think Gatito and I were both tired of his temporary imprisonment by then!

Or as SL put it, "Kitten says to other cats through doorwall: 'My humans are broken, I don't know why they aren't letting me out.' " { And he makes a sad face. }

Dingdong pawed the doorwall several times during the kitten's imprisonment; DD had missed his playmate just as much as Smoky missed his Buddy. Awwwww.

On 27-August, Smoky surprised us. He'd figured out the litter box all by himself [yay for the natural cat litter! which seemingly made more sense to him].

Gatito began sleeping indoors five days before he got fixed. I thought that would make keeping him inside a day or so easier.

Certainly he breathed a very visible sigh of relief to get to stay inside, away from the night monsters... aka any mammals who come hunting any leftover cat food. Our house must be on the local wildlife's watch list, dammit. :d And he's a small cat, so Smoky hides from them. Mostly... he's sure the skunk is another potential playmate, and doesn't quite believe me when I say otherwise.

It doesn't help that Dingdong eats next to the possum without any worries.

But then DD is a grown cat.

We still keep Smoky on the ground floor; since our basement is a much larger -- and mostly open -- space. He hasn't challenged "the kitty gate" concept blocking the basement stairs -- it's a box that Smoky likes to play in, much like his own haunted-house ride. :D

Today he even went and sat inside that box again, another sign of a kitty feeling better. Although he didn't play in it.

This past Friday, I thought Smoky had a cold. He didn't snuffle, but he was pretty lethargic Thursday evening, and into Friday. Mostly wanted to sleep.

Yesterday I wondered if it was an earache instead. Gatito was kinda wobby, and notably lost his balance several times -- much more like a younger kitten than he usually is. He'd slip more often.

Today he seems like himself again. Got stuck in a tree; Smoky was interested in playing again, and even jumped other cats; he's also gone in and out multiple times.

Smoky did NOT like the rain yesterday. Wait til he sees snow... his Aunt Vee really hates getting her feet wet. She may tell him about the evils of snow. Or not.

His fascination with the bathtub we do blame on Vee, who likely told him the sekrit escape route was somewhere thataway, but she wasn't able to locate it properly.

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