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Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Poor Smoky...

Today Gatito's going to the nearby vet. Please send good thoughts his way!

We're hoping this is easily fixed.  My poor baby, it looked like he'd slept on the kitchen floor mat a time, and then couldn't get to his litter box, from the amount of goo there.

I feel bad. He'd had loose stools Saturday, and they got worse after the weekend. Problem is, I had a sleep study Sunday night, and that made me mostly useless yesterday; Monday I ended up achy and having all digits freaking out, along with my hip, not quite mini spasms -- yay! -- but not too hot either.

Yestereve he began dripping dung a little. :/

We let Gatito roam free all night, instead of putting him into "his" bathroom. His poor bottom was very sore, and I didn't have the heart to lock him up, not when his butt was clearly hurting him.

He didn't wake us. Odds are Smoky mostly slept. He was on our bed for a while, but found that it's harder to hang out -- or sleep -- when the bed's crowded.

I really hope the nice vet will make him better. I went by Google reviews, so I also hope that the folks gushing about this vet are not leading us astray. Plus side, instead of poking in Yellow Pages, reviews exist.

Again, your good thoughts and prayers are very welcome; thank you!


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