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Friday, September 14, 2012

Nifty things I just learned about. :D

Interesting things I learned during recent research:

Exurbs.  About wind -- the Beaufort scale.

Wayyyy too much about moonlight. Except that I love learning things, and moonlight, mmm.

10 Surprising Moon Facts

Phases of the Moon (herein are lots of brilliant and helpful facts, charts, and calculator, I love this site!)

Experience Detroit... which includes Meadow Brook Hall, the coolest place at my very cool alma mater, Oakland University. I have been to MBH many times. If you ever get the chance, I do recommend it very highly.

Also, you might guess that the ED website is a trifle biased, as they show not one but two pictures of lovely Meadow Brook Hall!

Sorry to say that I've been to Cranbrook several times, but never to its mansion. They do have a brilliant planetarium though. :D (Once I delivered a package to Adams Castle, but it's a baby mansion.) Michigan: We have castles. Really!

And via Twitter, the mighty Grammar Girl on why we Yanks lost the U that the Brits kept and other suchlike fascinations. :D

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