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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

PR at OU and Van Halen: Balderdash!

There is a line.

It is fascinating that people who cry out "You are oppressing me!" often do not ever notice that they are the ones doing the oppressing. Or abusing.

Case in point: This guy.

Go ahead and quote Van Halen. But when you write an alleged "journal" of your thoughts like this, that is sexual predation. He knew it. When Corlett imagined a fictional warning from his instructor, he knew it was because he was being inappropriate and that he did this, knowing full well she would read it.

And in case you disagree, go right ahead. I have been raped. By different men.

I was put on a psychiatric status at Oakland University when I was manic the second time.  After I was better, i.e., sane again, my normal status was restored.

Whenever anyone exhibits signs that s/he isn't safe to be around other people, has threatened or stalked others, etc. -- then that person needs to be kept from doing that. Period.

In 1995, when another student stalked my friend and coworker, I informed Oakland and suggested they institute that status for him. They did. He was given a year of it, and required counseling. He still stalked her online, instead of in person, but Oakland did the best they could to protect her.

If I'd known, I would have suggested they remove or suspend his email account.

Probably his roomie later stalked me because of their ongoing friendship. Behavior reinforcement.

God knows, were I Mrs. Mitzelfield, I wouldn't feel safe around Corlett either. This is the point of pre-incident indicators, for God's sake. They warn you of where someone will go, in stalking, in sexual predation, in harassment, etc.

He can say what he likes, sure; but when crossing that line, a line of which Corlett was very aware, he knew exactly what he was doing. Don't tell me otherwise.

And do not play it up as Oakland University taking away his rights. Mrs. Mitzelfield has rights too -- but that doesn't seem very important to those bewailing this. Little darlings, had you been female and/or ever raped, you would feel quite differently, I assure you.

Your rights do not supersede mine. EVER.

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