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Friday, July 20, 2012

A break for links.

Since I haven't done links in a while... have a short variety pack.  First, a funny from the ever-lovely, who have helped me with work research many times.

Really, they have.  You would be amazed at the serious links inside some of their funny essays.  Particularly for Hollywood physics.  

6 Classic Movies (That Narrowly Avoided Disaster)

Working on the Death Star

Antisocial Networking

Like Charlie, I managed to resist SNS for quite a while.  Then I got on Twitter.  I still complained about Twitter -- until I couldn't Tweet for a time, about a year ago.  And I realized that I missed Tweeting with my friends so much!

Because Twitter had become something that replaced the newsgroups and Mucks and BBSes.  The virtual hangout that filled a need in me.  :)

In the world, plus TMI warning:

George Zimmerman Molestation Accusations Are Relevant

If you read nothing else, you should read this about rapists, their propensity to violence, and sexual predation.  It is taken from the Zimmerman link.

I have never been raped by a stranger; the only person I did not know well and/or for some time was a guy I'd met perhaps 12 hours before.  That was the one who tried to rape me and failed, because I outwitted him and then got help to escape.  Is the experience less traumatic?

No.  The whole incident was and remains extremely traumatic. 

Postscript:  The Colorado shooting today in Aurora; I refer you to Gun Control, Rio De Janeiro, Colorado, and the USA

I know you've heard about it by now.  :(  I was told by a Twitter friend who flew out of Colorado today.

Yes, that's part of why my friends hugging me online meant so much to me.  Not just because my friend passed away last weekend -- but because of all those people today who lost their friends and family.  :C

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