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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Update: Blocking off the Twitter.

This will delight everyone I know who has been watching me on Twitter lately.

Today I installed LeechBlock.  I wanted to have a wall between me and my addiction.  I've been using the 'Net for decades.  I'm fine with identifying this as obsession and addiction, I am. 

Hell, when I bought my first computer, I got a loan to buy the complete system.  I did need it for college, mind you.

But what I didn't tell the nice loan officers who were so impressed with a young woman being fiscally responsible... was that I also meant to check my email regularly on the BBSes.  (This was before 'Net email was common.)  My brother ended up playing more video games on my Amiga 1000 than I did, and I fought my dad off when he wanted to write papers and I needed to.

Still, the twin needs of communication and creation were what I required back then.  That hasn't changed.

So last night when the first program suggested to me still only seemed to exist for Macs, I found Leechblock, an external form of self-control.  :) Yay Firefox!

Another one, Freedom, has also been suggested to me by John Klima if I find LeechBlock insufficient.  We'll see. 

I haven't Tweeted in hours.  No, don't ask if I'm mourning or rejoicing.  It's too soon.  =chuckle=

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