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Monday, July 9, 2012

Wishing tonight without a star.

I just spent my supper watching two baby [teenage?] raccoons. 

They were adorable. 

But they shouldn't have been out then, not underneath the bird feeder so early, far too early in that I could see them easily -- and what if I'd been dangerous to them?  Most humans are.  They're too small to compete with any grown coons.  :(  Probably not more than three months old, easy.  

No pictures, no.  Not my division.

And they were past the deck railings, so what I could see would make a difficult picture, even if I'd been so inclined.

Too oblivious, though, these two; I know something will eat them, probably quite soon.  It wasn't until more people went outdoors that the little coons even noticed a thing, they were too busy eating -- for over a half hour.  They either lost their mother, or she sent them packing.

I wanted very much to feed them.  They were cute, too cute.  I felt for them, little lost things hunting food.  Poor little ones. 

I don't want something to eat them.  Wish I had a choice in that.  Good luck, little darlings.  May the Great Maker watch over you, so I can watch you wrestle in future nights over fallen seeds.  I won't know you then, not when you're grown up.  But I can hope, can't I?  Live, little ones, live and grow up.

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