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Monday, July 16, 2012

Straight from my heart: goodbye, Arnie.

Today I found out a good friend of mine passed away Sunday.

Arnie, you are a brightness, and the world is lesser for losing you. Those words just don't seem enough, but words are all I have. 

In the SCA, you were Arnolde "Slyme" Fredrickson.  I have so many memories of you, my friend.  Little moments.  Life is all those little moments.

Arnie saying, with delight:  "Oh, you're a left-handed fencer!"

Twenty-three years of little moments of knowing you.  One of the sunniest people I've ever known, one of the kindest, one of the very best. 

I wish you were still here.  I wish you hadn't got sick, that the world didn't turn and take you from us all.  I wish... I wish I had that power so very much right now... 

The last thing you said to me, last month, was:  "I'm so glad you're back home.  It's so good to see you!"  And you hugged me.

It was a bright moment -- one of many that day.  But oh! how I needed that, how lovely it was of you, how very typical of you, always.

God, I miss you, Arnie.  I'm glad I got to see you one last time.  I wish that we had got to have more of you.  Fare you very well, dear friend.  If only this wasn't goodbye!

Love, Ariel*---

ETA:  If you'd like to know where to send flowers or cards, email me.  I have the link...  So glad I got to see you on your final birthday, my friend.  Wish it had not been your last!

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